Tree Line

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k Kenney, Frank James and myself of his own command, and Oliver Burch of Marmaduke’s command. They rode up to Captain Smith’s house, all dressed in Federal uniforms, and called at the gate, “Hello.” Smith came walking out and Quantrell saluted him and told him he was a scout for the Federals from Colonel Penick’s army. Smith saw them in the same uniform as himself and did not once think of their betraying him. They talked for a few minutes when Quantr

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ell said: 123 “Captain, that is a fine gun you have there; why don’t you furnish us scouts with a gun like that.” “This is a fine gun,” replied Smith, “it has killed lots of d——d bushwhackers.” Quantrell said, “Captain, would you mind letting me see that gun?” Taking it from him, Quantrell began to look it over, and turning to his pals, said, “Ain’t that a dandy?” They all answered, “Yes, wish I had one.” Quantrell kept fooling with t

he gun and, catching Captain Smith’s eye off him, fired it at him, shooting him through the heart and killing him instantly. Killing Smith was getting rid of one of the worst men in Cedar County. That day about ten o’clock, three militiamen came to the column and were killed. A mile from where dinner was procured, f